Top 5 myths of Facebook

Newsxtend top 5 Facebook myths

Written by Maggie Hill, News Xtend Ever wondered what it takes to tackle the world of Facebook advertising? It’s no easy task; with Facebook certifications taking from hours to days to weeks to earn, Facebook can feel like your best friend, or your worst enemy. That’s why we’re going to talk you through the Top […]

How to improve your online presence

Digital Marketing online presence

Searching is one of the most popular activities on the internet, and an integral part of the modern consumer journey. With online advertising becoming increasingly competitive, businesses looking to grow are encouraged to leverage the frequent use of search engines in the consumer’s decision making process. Recent figures show that only 18% of small businesses […]

Message from the CEO: 12 December 2017

There has been more in the media this week about retail stores doing it tough and some having to close up shop. While we love to celebrate the retail success stories in this industry, we know that behind every one, there are countless others that don’t turn out so rosy. There’s no denying it’s a […]

Screenshots: the new window shopping for busy consumers

Love her or loathe her, Kim Kardashian West is certainly shaking up how the world does business.   The reality star has this week launched ScreenShop, an app that allows you to screenshot fashion you’ve fallen in love with on Instagram, and then find similar pieces in your price range. Kim KW has been an advisor […]

When Digital Marketing goes bad

When digital marketing goes bad

by Matt Forman, Traffika With one of the most important periods in retail underway we’re betting you have all your ducks in a row, right? If your marketing strategy isn’t already in full swing, it’s locked and loaded and ready to go. You’re overflowing with extra inventory geared up to satisfy the needs of frantic Christmas […]

Australians spending even more time online

New research commissioned by the company rolling out the National Broadband Network (NBN) has found that internet users are expected to spend an extra 22 days online this year compared with two years ago. “Most of us are getting online when we open our eyes in the morning and before we go to sleep, while […]

Instagram Stories for business

Instagram’s new Snapchat inspired story telling feature lets followers view off the cuff or behind the scenes moments from your brand. Your ‘stories’ whether they be a photo or video have a shelf life of 24 hours and won’t taint your carefully curated Instagram feed. If you don’t use Snapchat why would you use Instagram […]

MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – Hello Social Member Offer

Hello Social is Australia’s leading independent social media agency, who prides itself on providing every client with bespoke social media strategies that get results. As a valued member of the National Retail Association, Hello Social are offering members 25% off the first month of service, up to the value of $1,000 on our social media […]

What Does Your Business’s Intelligence Look Like?

We live in a world where we have access to more data, analytics and business intelligence than ever before. In theory, this is extremely beneficial for business growth yet in reality it’s an overwhelming amount of information to sift through. But firstly… What is business intelligence data? Business intelligence data comes from a number of […]

Social Media Rules & Regulations HR Managers Need to Know

Yesterday, our Partners at Hello Social conducted a webinar exploring the Social Media Rules & Regulations HR Managers Need to Know, covering areas such as: What should be included in your social media guidelines. What you need to know from a legal perspective. Helping employees understand why these rules exist. Don’t worry if you missed […]

Increase conversions with personalised ads

After browsing for an item online, have you ever noticed the stream of advertisements that come your way long after you have left the website? Were they always there, or did you only just notice them? How did they know you were looking at that exact jacket online yesterday? In order to personalise the advertisements […]

MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – Entry to Gift HQ for NRA members

Gift HQ, a trade only event, will take place 9 – 11 July at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre in South Bank and promises to enlighten visitors with industry knowledge, the latest business strategies, tips for social media, and employee engagement just to name a few items on the agenda. As a member of […]

Rich media experiences draw consumer attention

Rich media is a form of advertisement that includes video, audio, social media components or any other interactive elements. Advertisements with engaging or interactive components create a hands on customer experience that is more memorable than a standard static image ad. It is estimated that consumers are exposed to around 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements each […]

7 Ways To Boost Your Digital Marketing In Your Lunch Break

NEWSFLASH…Digital marketing is hard work! It takes time to research, it takes time to provision and it takes time to implement new activity and when everyone is busy, more often than not, digital marketing gets shelved. But believe it or not there are quick wins you can implement today! Re-heat your leftovers from last night, […]

What Can Social Bring to the Table for Retailers?

If you haven’t got at least one social media platform that you’re active on, as a retailer, by now, then you’re significantly behind the eight ball. And yes – we said active. Just having a Facebook account that you post on every other week with a couple of hundred followers (mainly your family and friends) […]

The Future of IoT in Retail

While you might not have thought it, considering the rise of e-commerce, the future for in store retail is looking brighter than ever. Retailers who manage to harness the power of big data are now able to create custom, curated journeys for their customers – maximising personalisation and flow through the store to the individual, […]

Message from the CEO: 11 March 2016

This week, we’ve seen suggestions in the media that recent high-profile collapses like Dick Smith, Masters and Laura Ashley signal that the retail industry is entering a period of ‘doom and gloom’. Negative commentary never helps consumer confidence and retail spending. The National Retail Association has been working hard to point out that retail is […]

Big Insight #4 – The new world of retail

2015 ushered in a new world of retail and businesses need to be ready to move with the times. Mindy Grossman, CEO of HSNi, recently spoke at the NRF Big Show detailing how HSNi have embraced new technologies and strategies to reach the next level of growth. Speaking to the nature of disruptive commerce, Grossman said “If […]

Australian retailers still hot on the tails of international counterparts

BDO’s Spend Trend 2015 review provides a comparative analysis of how Australian retailers are performing against their international competitors. In addition to examining whether the effect of the perceived – and much talked about – tough retail trading environment has actually been reflected in the retailers’ published financial results.   BDO’s analysis of Australian and international […]

IR Update: Commission insights into stop bullying orders

In this case update, the NRA Legal team reviews the recent Fair Work Commission decision on 16 November 2015 of Sharon Bowker, Annette Coombe and Stephen Zwarts v DP World Melbourne Limited T/A DP World; Maritime Unions of Australia, The, Victorian Branch and Others [2015] FWC 7312. This decision provides much-needed insight into the scope […]