Food businesses urged to prepare for Queensland bag ban

The National Retail Association (NRA) is urging food retailers to start preparing now for the state-wide plastic bag ban that will come into effect on July 1 2018. The ban will apply to all retailers – not only supermarkets – including food businesses such as butchers, convenience stores, and takeaway restaurants. NRA Manager for Industry […]

Policy Update: Boxing Day shopping here to stay in NSW

Boxing Day trade continues in NSW The NSW Government today announced it will legislate to allow Boxing Day trade to continue in all parts of NSW, in accordance with the findings of an independent review by Professor Percy Allan AM which considered feedback from retailers, employees and shoppers. NRA will update retailers on the implication […]

Getting personal in-store

The convergence of online and in-store retailing is happening at a rapid pace. This coming together goes beyond product or place but in expectation. A recent survey showed that 63% of Australians and 72% of New Zealanders believe the service they get in-store is more personal than online. On the other hand,32% of shoppers surveyed […]

Shoppers are exhausted by digital ubiquity

Shoppers are becoming exhausted by digital ubiquity and are therefore beginning to seek sanctuary in physical retail stores for the human to human experience that bricks and mortar provides. The ‘fittest’ retailers are able to capitalise on this consumer desire, by utilising the power of personalisation within the store experience. From using big data to […]

Moving from multi-channel to omnichannel retailing

In today’s digital world, it is not uncommon for retailers to trade through multiple channels. It’s almost become a mandatory accessory to have an online store associated to your physical store but at what point can you consider your retail business to be operating through multi-channels or an omnichannel business. The answer is simple. If […]