Part 4: Modern Award Series – Categories of employment

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If you’ve been following our Modern Award Series, you should by now be certain when a Modern Award will cover your employees, what Modern Award applies and how your employees will be classified under an applicable Modern Award. Following on from Part 3 of this series, it will be necessary to consider in what capacity […]

Is your loss prevention strategy simply spying on your staff?

by Brad Culbert, Retail Defender Last week, in the article “Modern Retail and the future of Loss Prevention” I talked about it being no secret that the world of technology is changing faster than ever, and introduced the concept of a ‘behind the scenes’ technology that we know is uncovering great results for retailers. A new generation of […]

High demand for trained staff

Over the last 12 months, the NRA has delivered training to over 200 jobseekers through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work program, and we are very pleased to report that almost 50% of these people have found employment in retail. Recently we asked for expressions of interest in hiring trainees from our members, and were overwhelmed […]

2016 Australian Job publication

The Australian Government Department of Employment has published Australian Jobs 2016. The publication presents an overview of the current labour market and highlights the major changes which have occurred, including for industries and occupations. It is designed to meet the needs of a range of users, and there is a regional analysis of employment for all […]

NRA welcomes new lawyer

We are pleased to welcome our new senior lawyer, Angela Szczepanski to the National Retail Association Legal Team. Angela joins the team with over 13 years’ experience in industrial relations and has worked for a number of employer associations, private enterprises as in house counsel and for the Queensland State Government. Angela has a wealth […]

Employee training – well worth the investment

Staff training is incredibly beneficial for specific purposes related to your business. You may need your new workers to undertake instruction in a new process or to develop new product knowledge. However including training that develops employees toward long-term career goals can also promote greater job satisfaction. A satisfied employee is likely to stay longer […]

Improve your retail sales in 20 mins!

Are you truly maximising the shoppers who come into your store? We hate to say it, but probably not. So many retailers today are getting distracted by the process of attracting new customers through marketing and promotion that they are forgetting to invest in the vital process of converting the sale and developing a loyal […]

Empowering the next generation store associate

The role of a store associate in the retail environment has never been more important as it is today. In this digital era, where shoppers have constant and immediate access to all kinds of product information, it is your staff who have the power to add real value when engaging with your customers face to […]

The recipe for a ‘fit’ Omni-channel retailer has people at it’s core

As consumers demand more inspiring shopping experiences, and we see our retail stores transform from simply ‘stores’ to ‘social hubs’ on an omni-channel purchase journey; store staff are one of a retailer’s most powerful weapons. Not only do they help build genuine human to human relationships with your customers, but our research tells us that […]

International Labour Organisation illustrates workplace stress impacts

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has released a detailed report which illustrates the impact of workplace stress on the mental health and the wellbeing of workers. ILO’s Workplace Stress: A collective challenge report found that psychosocial risks are related to “health-related behavioural risk, including heavy alcohol consumption, overweight, less frequent exercise, increased cigarette smoking, and […]

Train and retain your staff to be fitter for business

After our last webinar we called for YOU to decide the next topic. From all the ideas submitted, there was one recurring theme: your staff. When it comes to retail, your store staff are a vital component to delivering new types of value by matching the customer problem with the solution and helping to promote […]

Rewards for Excellence – 1 month left to nominate

It’s estimated that WHS incidents cost businesses around $31.4million in compensation payments each year in Queensland alone with an average of 25 days off work. Creating a safe working environment is a responsibility of all businesses, however companies who go above and beyond empower their employees with a feeling of security, helping to retain staff […]

NRA Legal expands its team

We are pleased to share with you some recent staff changes within the National Retail Association Legal team. Victoria Hansen joins the team with nine years’ experience as a lawyer.  Victoria brings a wealth of experience gained from most recently working as an Industrial Relations Advisor for the Civil Contractors Federation and most notably as […]