Essential Professional Development Workshops

essential professional development workshops

NRA’s National Retail Training + Development Centre offers a range of high quality, customised programs for retailers, designed to increase productivity, revenue, staff retention, customer service and leadership. All of our programs are specifically designed to suit retailers’ needs, but also draw on over 80 years’ combined experience across multiple fields of our in-house training team. We […]

Do you invest in your people?

Many businesses implement basic training for new employees, however incorporating training and professional development for employees at each stage of their career have been proven to save companies money. Addressing weaknesses and upskilling employees not only reduces the risk of time wasting mistakes and lost customers, it also encourages higher job satisfaction and improved retention […]

Professional development that works for retailers

One of the most popular training programs the NRA has been delivering in recent years has been the one day Customer Service workshop.  High staff turnover and a high casual workforce can make suitable professional development programs for retail staff hard to find. This is why over the past year, the NRA has been offering […]

Professional development or bust

Professional development is a term that makes eyes roll in offices around the world, but it shouldn’t be about “doing your hours”, it is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills. Whether you are at the top of your field or just starting out, there is always something new to learn in today’s ever […]

Message from the CEO: 8 January 2016

Happy New Year. I trust you have had a prosperous end to 2015 and a positive start to 2016. Anecdotal feedback from members suggests to us that the Christmas and Boxing Day sales periods were generally strong. Based on the November sales data released by the Bureau of Statistics today, and the modelling done by the […]