Message from the CEO: 14 February 2017

Dominique Lamb CEO National Retail Association

Last week the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its retail trade figures for the month of December 2016 and the results demonstrated that the National Retail Association was close to spot-on with its Christmas trade period projection. In November, we forecast that for the Christmas trade period – which encompasses half of November and all […]

Stylerunner goes pop-up

Online athletic apparel retailer Stylerunner has ventured offline to trial their first physical pop-up store ‘Stylerunner LIT’ in Paddington, Sydney. The pop-up store will offer a range of new and exclusive products, available only in the concept store, as well as a ‘customisation bar’ for apparel and shoes and a range of healthy food and […]

NAB Online Retail Sales Index released

The National Australia Bank has released the Online Retail Sales Index: Indepth Report for June 2016 showing that online sales are surging, however bricks and mortar stores are still pulling ahead. At a glance the online retail spend in Australia is $20.1 billion while bricks and mortar equates to $296.9 billion. Although NSW has come […]

Online retailers expanding into offline stores

Every man and their dog seems to have an online business these days with brands abandoning bricks and mortar’s hefty overheads. However 4 pure play (online only) retailers have done the opposite and expanded their online offering offline. Although online retail is booming, it is still only a small percentage of total retail sales worldwide. […]

Poor jobseeker treatment affecting profits

First impressions are critical and this goes for employers not just employees. In the age of flexible work arrangements and millennials who change jobs nearly as often as they change their iPhone’s, it’s important companies are making a good impression to potential candidates as they are vetting you just as much as you are vetting […]

Online sales resources for SME’s

Selling online sounds easy enough. Buy a domain, set up a website and watch the sales role in without the overhead of a bricks and mortar shop. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as 3 simple steps. Before setting up shop online you must consider the following:– Products and services offerings– Omni-channel retailing– Selling directing or […]

Immersive experiences draw consumers

Bricks and mortar stores have entered the era of digital, however it’s not all doom and gloom for retailers who believe physical store fronts are still key to the shopping experience. A report from brand intelligence firm L2 suggests that 72% of shoppers consider the bricks and mortar experience most important when making a purchase. […]

Omnichannel and the new consumer habits

Omnichannel, multichannel, microsites, geotargeting, C2B and big data. Keeping up with the latest trends and buzzwords is difficult for most small to medium retailers who often don’t have the time or resources to focus heavily on the expectations of consumers when it comes to digital. Omnichannel, to put it simply means ‘all’ or ‘universal’ as […]

3 common retail myths debunked

Many retailers believe that digital and smartphones are hindering bricks and mortar. While smartphones and tablets are significantly impacting traditional B2C retail experiences, businesses that embrace the technology are coming out on top. Digital is no longer exclusive to large companies with big marketing budgets. Retailers of all sizes can adapt to technology without reaching […]