Fit for Business Podcast Series

In partnership with the National Retail Association, Retail Doctor Group has created a 7-episode podcast series to boost your business fitness! What’s it all about? Developed specifically for NRA members, the ‘Fit for Business’ podcast series works directly with those issues you face every day as part of your business, including staffing, finances, visual impact and more! Each […]

Training team continue to deliver successful workshops in rural towns

The NRA Training and Development team frequently travel across Australia to visit retailers, big and small, to deliver specialised knowledge and industry-specific expertise in order to grow their business. The team develop flexible and tailored training for employers and deliver the highest quality training in regional locations and capital cities throughout Australia.  Recently, the team visited […]

NRA training ‘accelerates’ motor museum team

Recently, the National Retail Association Training team had the pleasure of running one-day non-accredited training workshops for over 15 staff at the National Motor Museum, based in Birdwood, South Australia. Here’s the lovely feedback they shared with us… “The National Retail Association was a very professional organisation to deal with from the outset. Being in South […]

Impulse purchases increasing profits

Since the 1950’s, shoppers around the globe have succumbed to impulse buying and point of purchase displays. Impulse purchases can drastically increase your profits and shouldn’t simply be an afterthought. How do you get the most out of your impulse offerings? Choose the right products Draw attention with promotions Encourage purchases with strategic placement Use […]

Message from the CEO: 26 February 2016

NSW and Queensland governments are both looking at banning plastic shopping bags. This issue has long been debated by governments over the years. Some of Australia’s less populous states and territories have already implemented bans of certain types of plastic bags. Bans are a blunt policy response to most problems but, of course, proponents for banning bags […]