What is the ‘gig economy’ and how does it affect me?

gig economy

By Sooraj Sidhu, NRA Legal You might have heard in recent months the term ‘gig economy’ being thrown around by politicians, lawyers and leaders in workplace relations. The term, which has become buzzword of the century, refers to the burgeoning number of workers engaged in short-term or temporary positions, either through labour-hire, independent contractor or […]

Retail Panel: how many more supermarket chains are too many?

How many supermarket chains are too many

Every Thursday, our CEO Dominique Lamb and a panel of retail experts discuss retail’s hottest topics on ABC Radio. Below are some insights from last Thursday’s discussion. Food delivery service Foodora has announced it is pulling out of Australia. Foodora is a food delivery service that launched in Australia in 2015. While food delivery services […]