How to reach your target audience on Facebook

Facebook target audience

Written by Dionne Alaveras, News Xtend Effective marketing relies on placing the right content, in front of the right people, at the right time. This is relevancy. You want to be creating content that is relevant to users. You want to serve it to them at a time that is most relevant for them. Do […]

Driving online sales with google

online sales

Written by Dionne Alaveras, News Xtend Attention all business owners looking to increase online sales. You ready for another week of tips and hints? Previously we deep dived into the Facebook platform and looked at how Facebook could be utilised to drive online sales. This week, we are looking at another digital advertising platform to […]

Top 5 myths of Facebook

Newsxtend top 5 Facebook myths

Written by Maggie Hill, News Xtend Ever wondered what it takes to tackle the world of Facebook advertising? It’s no easy task; with Facebook certifications taking from hours to days to weeks to earn, Facebook can feel like your best friend, or your worst enemy. That’s why we’re going to talk you through the Top […]

How to improve your online presence

Digital Marketing online presence

Searching is one of the most popular activities on the internet, and an integral part of the modern consumer journey. With online advertising becoming increasingly competitive, businesses looking to grow are encouraged to leverage the frequent use of search engines in the consumer’s decision making process. Recent figures show that only 18% of small businesses […]

Screenshots: the new window shopping for busy consumers

Love her or loathe her, Kim Kardashian West is certainly shaking up how the world does business.   The reality star has this week launched ScreenShop, an app that allows you to screenshot fashion you’ve fallen in love with on Instagram, and then find similar pieces in your price range. Kim KW has been an advisor […]

Maximising Your Customer Database

by Matt Forman, Traffika One of the biggest strengths of digital marketing is the ability to speak directly to your target audience. In a world where we see literally hundreds of ads every day the ability to tailor our messaging to speak to the right audience at the right time is marketing gold. A well-crafted customer […]

MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – Hello Social Member Offer

Hello Social is Australia’s leading independent social media agency, who prides itself on providing every client with bespoke social media strategies that get results. As a valued member of the National Retail Association, Hello Social are offering members 25% off the first month of service, up to the value of $1,000 on our social media […]

The one metric you look at but shouldn’t

As a standalone metric, without any context, Ecommerce Conversion Rate means very little. Yet it’s probably the one metric every Ecommerce manager looks at, analyses, reports on and potentially even loses sleep over! Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example. Consider 100 people came to your site but only one of them purchases…if you […]

Increase conversions with personalised ads

After browsing for an item online, have you ever noticed the stream of advertisements that come your way long after you have left the website? Were they always there, or did you only just notice them? How did they know you were looking at that exact jacket online yesterday? In order to personalise the advertisements […]

7 Ways To Boost Your Digital Marketing In Your Lunch Break

NEWSFLASH…Digital marketing is hard work! It takes time to research, it takes time to provision and it takes time to implement new activity and when everyone is busy, more often than not, digital marketing gets shelved. But believe it or not there are quick wins you can implement today! Re-heat your leftovers from last night, […]

What Can Social Bring to the Table for Retailers?

If you haven’t got at least one social media platform that you’re active on, as a retailer, by now, then you’re significantly behind the eight ball. And yes – we said active. Just having a Facebook account that you post on every other week with a couple of hundred followers (mainly your family and friends) […]

Leveraging your business intelligence

Our ability to track our consumers every move is an important advantage of ecommerce. With publicly available analytics tools such as Google Analytics combined with insights available from each social platform (thanks to the recent announcement regarding Instagram), wordpress analytics and many more, we have never had so much information at our fingertips. What we […]

Pinterest power driving online commerce

It is a known fact that having a social presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help your business deliver better customer service, build brand awareness and a loyal customer base and drives traffic to your website. So why are many businesses dismissing Pinterest as an integral part of their marketing plan? If […]