2018 Presents New Opportunities and New Directions

Adding facts, such as population CENSUS data, will help define and validate your business roadmap. Maps. We all need maps to know how to get to where we want to go. Who wants to spend hours and hours trying to figure out the best and fastest route to a destination? It’s a waste of time, […]

Final release of the 2016 CENSUS comes out this week

Find out how the ABS 2016 Population CENSUS data can help your business To celebrate this the NRA and MarketMap is providing members with a FREE standard MarketMap report for any location, (for a limited time only). The report will help use the new CENSUS data, and other important data, to identify new opportunities in the local market area. If interested please send […]

The 2016 CENSUS: A Reality Check

Written by MarketMap Is language really a barrier when speaking to each other, or is how we speak to each other the real barrier? These are some things retailers should think about when communicating with customers. Why does Chen feel that Sue doesn’t really understand her? Why does Mary’s boss not understand why she works […]

MarketMap Webinar: How can the 2016 CENSUS data help your business?

Census data

The 2016 CENSUS has been released. It reaches about 95% of all Australians in the only true national scale population survey and it really can help grow your business. That is: It can help you find new customers and target the right products/services to them It can help you understand, engage and satisfy people across […]