How do you implement customer centricity?

Earlier this month Myer announced its financial results for the 53 weeks to 30 July 2016, marking the first year of the New Myer strategy. Like many other ‘fit’ retail strategies today, the ‘New Myer’ strategy, aims to be truly ‘customer centric’, but what does this really mean? Customer centricity has become yet another buzz […]

Dark patterns killing your customer experience

Dark patterns are manipulative techniques used in interfaces to trick users into doing things they normally wouldn’t. Benefiting the company at the expense of the customer. Bait & switch, hidden costs, forced continuity and disguised ads are regularly used in businesses across the globe. The use of these sneaky techniques may increase your database, profit […]

Poor jobseeker treatment affecting profits

First impressions are critical and this goes for employers not just employees. In the age of flexible work arrangements and millennials who change jobs nearly as often as they change their iPhone’s, it’s important companies are making a good impression to potential candidates as they are vetting you just as much as you are vetting […]

One Woman concept store takes off

One Woman, the new concept store by Australia’s largest womenswear group, Specialty Fashion Group, is honing in on a niche market with a new concept store aimed at women searching for a unique and personalised shopping experience. “There is no other concept like this in the world, where a woman of a certain size or […]