What to do when a customer leaves

When a customer stop purchasing from a company or cancels a service, more often than not, businesses try to legitimise the reasoning behind lost profit. “We didn’t want them as a customer anyway.” “They weren’t our target market.” Every user or customer, whether you believe they are your core market or not, can offer invaluable […]

Dark patterns killing your customer experience

Dark patterns are manipulative techniques used in interfaces to trick users into doing things they normally wouldn’t. Benefiting the company at the expense of the customer. Bait & switch, hidden costs, forced continuity and disguised ads are regularly used in businesses across the globe. The use of these sneaky techniques may increase your database, profit […]

Connecting with Click to Call

You could be missing out on new customer enquiries by choosing the incorrect button for your Google ads. Google and Ipsos recently surveyed 2,390 Australian smartphone users who used or purchased something within the past six months to determine how they think about and interact with mobile ads. They found that 66% of customers said […]

Reveal growth areas with a CRM

Without customers, your business cannot exist. An obvious statement, however many businesses small to large, don’t put enough focus on managing their customers. That’s where a CRM (Customers Relations Management) system comes into play. Collecting important data like names, address and orders to product preferences and dispute resolutions, can help your business foster a loyal […]

The one metric you look at but shouldn’t

As a standalone metric, without any context, Ecommerce Conversion Rate means very little. Yet it’s probably the one metric every Ecommerce manager looks at, analyses, reports on and potentially even loses sleep over! Let’s take a look at a hypothetical example. Consider 100 people came to your site but only one of them purchases…if you […]