Getting personal in-store

The convergence of online and in-store retailing is happening at a rapid pace. This coming together goes beyond product or place but in expectation. A recent survey showed that 63% of Australians and 72% of New Zealanders believe the service they get in-store is more personal than online. On the other hand,32% of shoppers surveyed […]

The recipe for a ‘fit’ Omni-channel retailer has people at it’s core

As consumers demand more inspiring shopping experiences, and we see our retail stores transform from simply ‘stores’ to ‘social hubs’ on an omni-channel purchase journey; store staff are one of a retailer’s most powerful weapons. Not only do they help build genuine human to human relationships with your customers, but our research tells us that […]

Gadget or engagement? Integrating technology into your retail offer

Is digital technology in our shops more about the sizzle than the substance? Is investment in digital technology really about the brand statement than the actual facilitation of the higher sales and margin improvement? Retailers up and down our high streets are investing more than ever before in their digital retail offer, but do they […]