Message from the CEO – 14 August 2018

CEO Dominique Lamb

You have your accounting software. You have a HR system. You have stock control processes in place. You have the huge beast that is ‘marketing’, and the monster workload and management needed to support it. There is literally a bottomless pit of software you could implementing across all the aspects of the business, but smaller […]

The future of HR and Payroll software

In today’s world where technology is rapidly evolving, the value that an effective HR & Payroll strategy can deliver to an organisation is more important than ever. By leveraging tools, systems and data to draw insights and provide strategic direction to management, HR technology is a necessity in helping organisations better serve their key stakeholders […]

Free retail business health check

Technology moves so fast it’s hard to keep up with the latest software and IT solutions. With new accounting software, payment gateways and CRM systems being launched every month, how do you, as a retailer, ensure you are using the best retail management solutions for your business? Our partners at iVend Retail have created a […]

Growing your loyalty campaign this Christmas season

Loyalty campaigns have become a critical way to embrace your great customers and drive sales. This Christmas retailing season is a great time to kick your loyalty campaigns up a gear. No doubt you will experience increased shopping traffic through your bricks and mortar store as well as online stores for those involved in omni-channel […]