Leveraging your business intelligence

Our ability to track our consumers every move is an important advantage of ecommerce. With publicly available analytics tools such as Google Analytics combined with insights available from each social platform (thanks to the recent announcement regarding Instagram), wordpress analytics and many more, we have never had so much information at our fingertips. What we […]

The forgotten art of implementation

Innovation is exciting and with new technologies, social platforms and data analysis tools popping up each week it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves. Don’t be too quick to erase ‘old school’ disciplines such as customer service and merchandise planning from your business plan. Without implementation plans in place, the many hours spent innovating may […]

Pinterest power driving online commerce

It is a known fact that having a social presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn help your business deliver better customer service, build brand awareness and a loyal customer base and drives traffic to your website. So why are many businesses dismissing Pinterest as an integral part of their marketing plan? If […]