Reinstatement for bus driver dismissed for “abuse” towards management

By Sooraj Sidhu and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal A bus driver and former police officer has won reinstatement to their previous role after being dismissed by his employer on-the-spot for misconduct and unsatisfactory conduct towards the General Manager. Commissioner Donna McKenna, who described the employee as an “impressive and credible witness”, noted that the circumstances […]

IR Update: Damages of $100,000-plus awarded to employee after unfairly dismissed for “set-up” misconduct

A director at ANZ has been awarded $110,000 in damages for being unfairly dismissed for serious misconduct. The Bank alleged Mr Bartlett had amended a confidential internal email and mailed it to a journalist at the Australian Financial Review. Mr Bartlett’s claim was previously dismissed by Justice Adamson in a 2014 NSW Supreme Court hearing. […]