Message from the CEO: 26 September 2017

Last week, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) began rolling out the new $10 note into the Australian economy, equipped with a raft of security measures to safeguard against counterfeiting. Just like with new $5 note introduced 12 months ago, the flashy new note features a clear window from top-to-bottom, complex holograms and parts that […]

The real cost of surcharging

Written by Dominique Lamb, CEO, NRA Adding a surcharge to card payments is a contentious business practice. Generally speaking, it needlessly annoys customers and compromises loyalty to your business. That’s why most businesses don’t surcharge. From September 1 this year, the Reserve Bank’s new surcharging rules will apply to small and medium-sized businesses. The rules […]

Surveillance in the workplace (and when it goes wrong)

By Alexander Millman and Angela Szczepanski, NRA Legal  Ms Shahin Tavassoli v Bupa Aged Care Mosman A recent case reminds employers that care must be taken when relying on evidence obtained from workplace surveillance to dismiss an employee, and the need to afford employees procedural fairness even when it appears to be an open-and-shut case. […]

Wannacry Ransomware – What you need to know

Leon Fouche BDO Cyber Security Expert

by Cyber-security expert, Leon Fouche, BDO On Friday, the world experienced the wrath of a well-coordinated ransomware attack, known as WannaCry. A number of large companies have already been impacted, including Britain’s public health system, FedEx in the USA and Spanish telecom provider Telefonica.  As of this morning, the Australian Cyber Security Centre indicated that none […]

Building your cyber resilience

Leon Fouche BDO Cyber Security Expert

Leading advisory firm BDO is urging retailers to get back to basics to ensure they stay ahead of potential cyber security breaches, after releasing the results of its inaugural cyber security survey. The 2016 Cyber Security Survey, which was completed in conjunction with AusCERT, aims to help the market understand the cyber security challenges Australian […]

How’s your security?

If your retail business has little to no security policy in place, you run the risk of security breaches which can cost time, money, consumer trust and can result in legal actions. What are the 4 main motivations for retailers to adopt security practices?  Protection of operational systems (eg. system shutdown)A virus is capable of disrupting […]

Businesses warned to be wary of counterfeit cash

UPDATE: In the last 24 hours, the National Retail Association has heard from members right across Australia, not just Queensland, with sightings of counterfeit $50 and $100 notes in Victoria and New South Wales. We urge all retailers to inform your staff, read our tips below, and to inform your local police or Crimestoppers should […]

Is your customer data safe?

Retailers that are engaging in online sales (e-commerce) or collecting customer data in registrations forms have unique security and privacy considerations. Retailers may be using proprietary solutions or using a 3rd party program to collect and process this information. If a retailer collects this information, they are responsible for its security, whether hosted locally or […]

Stay Safe Online Week 2015

Securing your online business presence helps protect the whole retail sector, which relies on a range of technologies to manage the customer experience. You need to secure point of sale, website, inventory and other systems to protect high value data like financial transactions, credit card data, business data and employee information from being compromised. Websites, […]