Workers suffer unexpected & severe chemical burns

Chemical safety

SafeWork NSW has released a safety alert after workers suffered severe chemical burns to their feet whilst cleaning chemical spills in restaurant and hotel kitchens in two separate incidents. On both occasions the workers did not notice the caustic chemicals soaking into their footwear (casual soft soled shoes) and socks and it was not until […]

A mentally healthy workplace makes good business sense

The cost of mental illness to Australia’s economy has hit $200 billion a year, according to Herald-Lateral Economics Index of Australia’s Wellbeing. One in four adults experience mental illness every year and one in seventeen Australians live with a serious mental illness. While many employers believe that employers shouldn’t bring their problems to work, most […]

Have your say: Workplace chemical exposure standards

Safe Work Australia is currently holding a consultation process to examine the role of chemical exposure standards and how they can be reviewed and maintained. Exposure standards refer to the airborne concentration of individual chemicals in the worker’s breathing zone which should not cause adverse health effects or undue discomfort to nearly all workers.  Exposure […]