8 High-Risk Loss Prevention Scenarios Every Retailer Should Monitor

With retail loss being on the rise globally – Australian estimates are sitting at 4.5 billion annually, and growing – the problem is snowballing out of control. The issue is much bigger than shoplifting, with internal issues like employee fraud, training gaps and operational inefficiencies estimated to cost retailers up to 7% of their annual […]

9 benefits of using data to create loyalty

nine benefits data loyalty

by Tim O’Grady, knowITall Loyalty Systems What is the one word that can make all the difference to a loyalty program’s success? Answer: Data…not data for the sake of it, rather data that leads to insights that are actioned for business acceleration. The following data sources gathered through a loyalty program and the combination of […]

Another Australian icon set to close

Iconic Australian retailer Australian Geographic is set to close down its 67 stores by early 2017. Melbourne’s Myer family have owned the company since 2007 but has decided to exit the venture and has so far been unsuccessful in finding a buyer. Running at a loss of over $3 million in the 2014-2015 financial year, […]

Big Insight #3 – Authentic Influencer Marketing

Propel your business by implementing an influencer marketing strategy with authentic real people. With more and more companies opting for customer lead storytelling, consumers are no longer solely swayed by big celebrity endorsements. Carefully selected individuals that align with your company’s values and beliefs can draw huge awareness and raise revenue for your brand.  Start small. […]

Australian retailers still hot on the tails of international counterparts

BDO’s Spend Trend 2015 review provides a comparative analysis of how Australian retailers are performing against their international competitors. In addition to examining whether the effect of the perceived – and much talked about – tough retail trading environment has actually been reflected in the retailers’ published financial results.   BDO’s analysis of Australian and international […]