What is the future of Loss Prevention?

Our very own CEO, Dominique Lamb, joins a panel of experts in this OnDemand webinar on The Future of Loss Prevention. This is a key topic of interest for all retailers across industries at the moment, partly due to the Global Retail Theft Barometer’s recent stats on how retail shrinkage is on the rise due […]

How technology can reverse the retail shrinkage trend

Retail shrinkage – that is, loss due to theft, employee fraud, or admin errors – is on the rise, not only in Australia but globally. According to Global Retail Theft Barometer’s figures, shoplifting or theft accounts for 38% of loss, with 16% due to admin error and a startling 39% from employee fraud. According to […]

Are franchisees funding holidays with your franchise fees?

While most franchisees are honest and responsible business owners, it’s no wonder that some master franchisors tear their hair out when it comes to tracking and monitoring suspicious activity within their franchise network. From scenarios such as high levels of voiding to underreporting of sales, there are many ways a franchisee has tried to earn […]

Is your loss prevention strategy simply spying on your staff?

by Brad Culbert, Retail Defender Last week, in the article “Modern Retail and the future of Loss Prevention” I talked about it being no secret that the world of technology is changing faster than ever, and introduced the concept of a ‘behind the scenes’ technology that we know is uncovering great results for retailers. A new generation of […]

Modern Retail and the future of Loss Prevention

by Brad Culbert, Retail Defender It’s no secret that the world of technology is changing faster than ever. When you picture the future of retailing, you might see holographic glasses replacing changing rooms, or integration with social media platforms to seek approval from friends.  However, there’s a ‘behind the scenes’ technology that’s uncovering great results for […]