Queensland rolls out Container Refund Scheme

Did you know that 2.4 billion drink containers are used in QLD each year? Drink containers are also the most commonly littered item after cigarette butts even though most can be recycled. In response, the Queensland Government will be introducing a Container Refund Scheme this year. Given the substantial changes such a scheme presents to […]

NRA represents WA retailers in container deposit scheme

In 2017, the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation (DWER) established working groups to inform the design and implementation of Western Australia’s Container Deposit Scheme (CDS). David Stout, Manager of Policy with the National Retail Association, has represented retailer interests throughout the consultation process and continues to represent retailers as a key member of the WA CDS […]

Container deposit scheme delayed

container deposit scheme

Policy update: NSW: The biggest initiative to tackle litter in NSW history, the NSW 10 cent container deposit scheme, will now roll out from December 1 this year, after Clean Up Australia, the Boomerang Alliance and industry stakeholders asked for an extension to ensure it would be a world-leading program from day one of operation. The […]

Container deposit scheme proposed for Tassie

Container Deposit Scheme

POLICY & ADVOCACY > TASMANIA The Tasmanian Government has announced that it has instructed its Environment Protection Authority to provide advice on the possibility of introducing a container deposit scheme (CDS). Before the Government introduces any such scheme, the National Retail Association has asked that they consult with the retail industry to ensure that no […]