Full Bench hands down decision on loaded rates

loaded rates

By Alex Millman and Lindsay Carroll, NRA Legal Last Thursday a five-member Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission, headed by Vice President Adam Hatcher, handed down its decision in the Loaded Rates in Agreements Case. This case considered eight (later reduced to five) enterprise agreements for which the Commission’s approval was sought. Each of […]

Overtime rates for retail and other industries, effective 1 Jan 2018

In July 2017, the Fair Work Commission determined that the: Fast Food Industry Award 2010; General Retail Industry Award 2010; Hair and Beauty Industry Award 2010; Restaurant Industry Award 2010; would be varied to extend overtime loadings to casual employees, not just permanent employees. On Friday 24 November 2017, the Commission decided that this entitlement […]

Message from the CEO: 16th October 2015

Analysts were saying that the next move in interest rates would be upwards and we saw evidence of that this week – not from the Reserve Bank, but from Westpac, which announced a 0.2 per cent increase in its variable rate mortgage. It’s not the first bank to nudge its rates upwards, but it is […]