PwC’s Skills for Australia – Aligning Training and the Business Services Sector

PwC’s Skills for Australia will look to improve the alignment of training products to meet the needs of the Business Services sector.  Request for consultation PwC’s Skills for Australia would like to invite you to attend a consultation session in relation to the review of training products within the Business Services Training Package. What is […]

Opportunity to be involved: Business Services Training Package review

PwC’s Skills for Australia is seeking input from interested employers from the business industry, industry representatives, employees, teachers, trainers, recruiters, students, and others who are passionate about improving Vocational Education Training (VET), and/or would like to provide feedback around industry trends, skills needs and training priorities in the projects outlined below.  Business Services projects now commencing:  […]

PwC Skills for Australia Research: Share your views

PwC’s Skills for Australia is conducting important research into three cross-sectoral skills areas that have been identified by the Federal Department of Education and Training as being at the forefront of growth and innovation – across multiple industries – in Australia. Input is currently being sought from stakeholders around Australia and from a broad range […]

Retail 5.0: Check-out the Future

Retail 5.0

EVENT: BRISBANE 7 MARCH From bartering stone axes to distributed exchange of digital artefacts: retail has been with us for as long as we can remember. As the digital economy dawns on us, we are all reconsidering our traditional understanding of retail. Retailers are racing to create competitive advantage. Customer centricity, real-time delivery, highly personalised […]