Future trends in “bricks and mortar” retail

Written by Collin Freeman, Space Planning Concepts Retail is constantly changing and evolving.  The challenge for retailers is to try and anticipate how to deal with these changes, and building in factors that could make allowances. Retail businesses can use various channels to deliver products and services to the end customer. The big question is, what […]

Sweet expansion for Doughnut Time

From lawyer to King of Doughnuts, Damian Griffiths is expanding his empire to include a premium Sydney location. Doughnut Time has rapidly expanded since opening 16 months ago, growing from one small Brisbane store to over 27 stores across Australia. According to Griffiths, the key has been creating a recognisable and trusted brand with a […]

Shanghai leading consumer research

Go to market strategies and product testing have changed dramatically in the past few years. ‘Fail fast’ is the go to mantra for tech companies and startups, but how does retail compare? Industry leaders are investing in research and development, new tech and roles like customer experience designers. Testing is often done with small groups […]