How will you prepare your team for the QLD Bag Ban?

There are only nine months until the QLD Bag Ban is enforced on 1 July 2018. The National Retail Association (NRA) is urging retailers to start preparing now for the state-wide plastic bag ban. The ban will apply to all retailers – not only supermarkets – including food businesses such as butchers, convenience stores, and […]

Message from the CEO: 1 August 2017

Last week the National Retail Association bid farewell to our office in Woolloongabba for a new headquarters situated in the bustling Inner-Brisbane suburb of Milton. While our old office had served the NRA well, in order for us to continue providing the very best service to our members, we felt the need to move to […]

Significant breach of policy used to justify termination

by Sid Sidhu and Angela Szczepanski, NRA Legal Teresa Margaret Murphy v Banana Coast Community Credit Union Ltd T/A BCU [2017] FWC 2688 An employee who worked as a store supervisor for Banana Coast Community Credit Union (BCU) has had her application for relief from unfair dismissal, dismissed by the Fair Work Commission (FWC). The […]

Email misconduct dismissal upheld

by Sid Sidhu and Troy Wild, NRA Legal Georgia Sologinkin v Cosmetic Suppliers Pty Ltd T/A Coty [2017] FWC 1838 An employee who made highly offensive comments about numerous clients of the company was found to have been fairly dismissed by the Fair Work Commission (FWC), earlier last month. The accounts manager, who had been […]

Message from the CEO: 20 February 2017

Dominique Lamb CEO National Retail Association

This week the issue of trading hours has been in the spotlight once again. The Productivity Commission has been arguing since 2011 that trading hours be deregulated in all states, including public holidays, as a long-term objective, and that it should be up to retailers to decide when they want to open their doors. After […]

Bully boss charged under Brodie’s Law

bullying Brodie's Law

by Ben Desir, Workplace Advisor, NRA Legal An electrician has been brought before a Melbourne Magistrate to face charges under Victoria’s strict workplace bullying laws. In Victoria, persons who engage in bullying behaviour can be prosecuted under the Crimes Act 1958 (Crimes Act). The Crimes Act was amended in 2011 to make serious bullying a […]

Message from the CEO: 16 January 2017

Dominique Lamb CEO National Retail Association

As the excesses of Christmas and New Year make way for positive resolutions for the year ahead (eating healthily and exercising more always seem to top those lists!), we’ve continued receiving great feedback from our members on the pre-Christmas spending and Boxing Day sales periods, particularly in areas now able to trade with fewer restrictions, […]

Consumer Law framework open for debate

HAVE YOUR SAY The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission is undertaking a study of the current administration and enforcement of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Their main task is to examine the effectiveness of the multiple-regulator model in supporting a single national consumer policy framework, and to make findings on how the model can be strengthened. […]

Dismissals can be stressful and risky

by Angela Szczepanski, Senior Associate, NRA Legal Dismissing an employee can be stressful and is often quoted as the ‘worst part of running a business’. As well as the emotional context, it can be a long and timely process to ensure due process is followed. In particular, special care needs to be taken to minimise […]

Technology retailer under fire for ‘misleading’ Returns Policy

by Ben Desir, NRA Legal Workplace Advisor The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has instituted proceedings for misleading and deceptive conduct against a technology retailer. The ACCC has accused several entities operating under the MSY Technology banner of misrepresenting consumers’ rights to remedies for faulty products, by claiming that: MSY Technology had discretion to […]

Have your say on tourism workforce plans

Queensland Tourism Workforce Plan

Jobs Queensland is developing a Queensland Tourism Workforce Plan aimed at ensuring Queensland has a skilled workforce ready to support a growing and thriving tourism industry. To do this, Jobs Queensland are working with the Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games, and also inviting employers and employees to have their say […]

Plastic bag debate continues

Across Australia, many of the State and Territory Governments are in varying stages of considering or enacting legislation to ban the supply of lightweight plastic shopping bags. As this issue arises in the various jurisdictions across the country, the National Retail Association seeks to work with the relevant government to implement a solution that recognises […]

Container deposit scheme proposed for Tassie

Container Deposit Scheme

POLICY & ADVOCACY > TASMANIA The Tasmanian Government has announced that it has instructed its Environment Protection Authority to provide advice on the possibility of introducing a container deposit scheme (CDS). Before the Government introduces any such scheme, the National Retail Association has asked that they consult with the retail industry to ensure that no […]

Are You Ready for Business Christmas Functions?

With the festive season rapidly approaching, businesses are gearing up for Christmas work functions, but as we all know alcohol and employment don’t necessary pair well. When things get ‘out of hand’ at a Christmas party the ‘hangover’ for employers can last well beyond the morning after. We all know that employers are responsible (or […]

Policy Update: Plastic bag ban in NSW

The New South Wales Parliament is currently considering a Bill to prohibit retailers from supplying certain types of plastic bags to their customers. If passed, the new law will prevent retailers from supplying plastic bags to customers to carry goods bought, or to be bought, from the retailer that are not biodegradable. The Bill does […]

Coalition propose new plan to protect vulnerable workers

Details of the Coalition’s plan for a strong new economy have been revealed including a policy to protect vulnerable workers following the recent 7-Eleven wages scandal. The controversy and issues surrounding the exploitation of staff at 7-Eleven has demonstrated the need to strengthen existing laws. More specifically, this saga has exposed a widespread practice amongst […]

Message from the CEO: 23 May 2016

Taxation, employment, economic stability – they’re terms that get thrown about a great deal during a federal election campaign. But while they aren’t the most exciting concepts for the average voter, their long-term effects for retailers are profound. The GST Low Value Threshold (LVT) on imports under $1000 for example, has been a thorn in […]

2016-2017 Federal Budget in depth

Last Tuesday the Federal Government handed down the 2016-2017 budget. With a strong focus on the future and providing help for small and medium enterprises, the government has committed to reducing the company tax rate over the next decade. The small business threshold will be raised from $2 million to $10 million turnover and increasing […]

Message from the CEO: 3 May 2016

Tonight, we will know the details of the 2016 Federal Budget, as Treasurer Scott Morrison hands down his first budget. Given the current mixed retail environment, we have been urging the Federal Government, in the lead up to the delivery of its third budget, to provide as much certainty and clarity as possible. The Australian […]

Message from the CEO: 16th October 2015

Analysts were saying that the next move in interest rates would be upwards and we saw evidence of that this week – not from the Reserve Bank, but from Westpac, which announced a 0.2 per cent increase in its variable rate mortgage. It’s not the first bank to nudge its rates upwards, but it is […]