What is the ‘gig economy’ and how does it affect me?

gig economy

By Sooraj Sidhu, NRA Legal You might have heard in recent months the term ‘gig economy’ being thrown around by politicians, lawyers and leaders in workplace relations. The term, which has become buzzword of the century, refers to the burgeoning number of workers engaged in short-term or temporary positions, either through labour-hire, independent contractor or […]

The humble Ugg’s makeover

Gold Coast based Ugg brand plans to dominate the Chinese market with upmarket, quality handmade boots. Acknowledging the crowded, mass manufactured boot market, Managing Director of Burlee, Richard Friedrichs, saw an opportunity to create a global brand built from quality craftsmanship and innovation. “We are a bespoke, quality product,” he says. “We can’t compete against […]

Brexit and Australian consumer confidence

While British shoppers put away their wallets, doom and gloom from the Brexit referendum hasn’t heavily impacted Australia’s retail sector. Despite the recent financial turmoil, ANZ-Roy Morgan consumer confidence index fell 1.7 per cent, however it remains above the monthly average. Although, Felicity Emmett, Head of ANZ Australian Economics warns that Australians are still vulnerable […]

Let’s create a more equal world

Last year, ANZ released the 2015 ANZ Women’s Report: Barriers to achieving financial gender equity, highlighting that globally: • Women earn up to 36 per cent less than men;• Women represent more than 40 per cent of the world’s labour force but only control a quarter of the world’s wealth; • Worldwide, women make up […]