Wholesale, Retail and Personal Services IRC Industry Skills Forecast

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The AISC National Industry Insights Report is a collection of information, data and insights for individual industry sectors. It captures industry information about skills, training and employment and the labour market. The resource supports Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to ensure the design and development of training packages meet the current and future skills needs of […]

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Do you want to be easily found online when people are looking for a business like yours? News Xtend are ready to kick start each individual retailer’s digital marketing – including getting you found on Search engines, starting a conversation on Social media and delivering your message when and where it matters most with Display. […]

9 benefits of using data to create loyalty

nine benefits data loyalty

by Tim O’Grady, knowITall Loyalty Systems What is the one word that can make all the difference to a loyalty program’s success? Answer: Data…not data for the sake of it, rather data that leads to insights that are actioned for business acceleration. The following data sources gathered through a loyalty program and the combination of […]

How to integrate technology into your retail offer

Retailers are investing more than ever before in their digital retail offer, but do they truly consider the reason for bringing digital aspects into their store, or are they simply following the trend? So, as a small retailer how do you compete? Last month in collaboration with our partner’s at Retail Doctor Group we hosted […]