What retailers need to know about free range egg laws

From April 26, egg producers, supermarkets and egg re-sellers must be sure that the labelling on all ‘free range’ eggs lives up to the new standards, applied under Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The new laws have been put in place to ensure egg labelling is transparent and shoppers are getting what they pay for.  Do you […]

Consumer Law framework open for debate

HAVE YOUR SAY The Australian Government’s Productivity Commission is undertaking a study of the current administration and enforcement of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). Their main task is to examine the effectiveness of the multiple-regulator model in supporting a single national consumer policy framework, and to make findings on how the model can be strengthened. […]

“No refunds” unlawful

Christmas & Australian Consumer Law Obligations As consumers start their Christmas shopping early, the National Retail Association are reminding retail businesses to revise and align their exchange, return and refund policies to meet the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission standards. The ACCC Commissioner, Sarah Court, reported that many clothing retailers have been displaying “No Refunds” […]

Call for submission: Australian Consumer Law Review

Consumer Affairs Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) are currently undertaking a review of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), which is the national law governing fair trading and consumer protection across all jurisdictions of Australia. The National Retail Association (NRA) will be making a submission to CAANZ, on behalf of members and other interested parties, and […]

Food labelling reforms given the green light

State and territory governments recently reached agreement to reform Australia’s current country of origin food labelling system. Whilst not imposing an overly onerous burden on businesses, the new food labelling system will provide Australian consumers with more clarity on whether the product/s they are purchasing are made, produced or grown in Australia. The new system […]

Beware of misleading ‘drip pricing’ practices

‘Drip pricing’ is a practice used by some retailers during online purchasing, where a headline price is advertised up-front, but other fees and charges are added throughout the purchasing process. Often the extra fees and charges are unavoidable or are applied in most transactions, making it difficult for consumers to compare offers. The Federal Court […]