Free retail business health check

Technology moves so fast it’s hard to keep up with the latest software and IT solutions. With new accounting software, payment gateways and CRM systems being launched every month, how do you, as a retailer, ensure you are using the best retail management solutions for your business? Our partners at iVend Retail have created a […]

Getting personal in-store

The convergence of online and in-store retailing is happening at a rapid pace. This coming together goes beyond product or place but in expectation. A recent survey showed that 63% of Australians and 72% of New Zealanders believe the service they get in-store is more personal than online. On the other hand,32% of shoppers surveyed […]

Empowering the next generation store associate

With customers mingling their purchases between online and in-store, the view they have when dealing with a retailer is one of unity. They do not define their relationship based on where they purchase but rather who they purchase with. The consequences of this run deep into in-store businesses and more importantly the role of staff […]