Sales manager dismissed for poor performance and behaviour, not workplace rights

The Federal Circuit Court of Australia dismissed an adverse action claim made by a Sales Manager after she was dismissed due to failure to provide sufficient evidence for a compassionate leave request. Jasmine Morris was employed as a Sales Manager at Allied Express Transport Pty Ltd and had previously been reported to have “inconsistencies” with […]

Language at work: Avoiding harmful and condescending comments in your business

Language in the workplace, especially between colleagues and team members, performs an important role in determining what is acceptable behaviour, and ultimately, what the broader workplace environment looks like. In many workplaces, it is unfortunate that condescending and patronising language can be an all-too-frequent occurrence. In many instances, a capable and competent team member will […]

Crane Driver’s Artwork Cause for Fair Dismissal

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) declined a former crane driver’s application for unfair dismissal as it found that he had drawn inappropriate images on documents and shipping containers as well as displayed threatening behavior towards his superiors. An investigation was conducted by the employer into allegations that the employee had drawn a two-metre-tall male genital […]

Customer based sexual harassment prevalent in the Australian service sector

A recent study, published in Gender, Work and Organization, suggests that customer-perpetrated sexual harassment is prevalent across the Australian service sector, including the retail industry. The study, titled “‘But it’s your job to be friendly’: Employees coping with and contesting sexual harassment from customers in the service industry,” suggests that 9 per cent of all […]

Why passive bullying is still bullying

Bullying is a serious issue. It dramatically raises stress levels for the person being bullied and is a major risk factor for developing mental health conditions. Unsurprisingly, beyondblue’s State of Workplace Mental Health in Australia study found 76 per cent of employees said depression and anxiety – the most common forms of mental health conditions […]