MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – The Commission willingly reviews “common issues” in multiple awards

As part of the Modern Award Review currently underway at the Fair Work Commission (FWC), two matters have recently been highlighted as “common issues” following multiple applications to alter several awards. The applications relating to provisions that regulate payment of wages and annualised salary provisions have each been grouped and will be considered as common […]

MEMBER ONLY ARTICLE – Modern Award Reviews Payment of Wages

On 15 June 2016, the Fair Work Commission released a statement to advise how the Full Bench proposed to deal with the payment of wages in relation to five issues; timing of payment of wages, removing a restriction on the days for payment of wages, timing of payment on termination of employment, penalty for late […]

Message from the CEO: 6 June 2016

Let me apologise in advance if this week’s message is a little dour, but I’m sorry to say it’s been that kind of a week in the retail world. On Wednesday we received the news that the Fair Work Commission had decided on a 2.4 per cent increase in the minimum wage, which in turn […]