Six retail trends for 2018

Written by Gabrielle Mitchell, bluenotes contributor Alibaba. eBay. ASOS. These are all names exemplifying the changing face of retail. Even Amazon has finally entered the Australian market. As harbingers of the digital retail revolution run rampant, how can smaller online players hope to survive, let alone family-owned brick-and-mortar retailers? They can – and here are six predictions from […]

Let’s create a more equal world

Last year, ANZ released the 2015 ANZ Women’s Report: Barriers to achieving financial gender equity, highlighting that globally: • Women earn up to 36 per cent less than men;• Women represent more than 40 per cent of the world’s labour force but only control a quarter of the world’s wealth; • Worldwide, women make up […]

ANZ adopts Apple Pay for Australians

Apple pay has been around since late 2014, however as Australians we are yet to fully embrace the software. That was until ANZ recently signed up to Apple Pay contactless. Becoming the first of the big four banks to implement the technology, ANZ customers will be able to use their mobiles as credit cards.Customers with […]

IR Update: Damages of $100,000-plus awarded to employee after unfairly dismissed for “set-up” misconduct

A director at ANZ has been awarded $110,000 in damages for being unfairly dismissed for serious misconduct. The Bank alleged Mr Bartlett had amended a confidential internal email and mailed it to a journalist at the Australian Financial Review. Mr Bartlett’s claim was previously dismissed by Justice Adamson in a 2014 NSW Supreme Court hearing. […]