HeadCoach tackles mental health in the workplace

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The prevalence of depression and anxiety among Australians is high and often goes unrecognised, despite the substantial labour cost of mental illness in Australia (estimated to be $49 billion). Supervisors hold a key leadership responsibility in managing and enhancing the welfare and mental health of their staff. Clear guidelines have been made available outlining the […]

Take the lead in addressing domestic violence in your workplace

A recent study conducted in Canada has identified that one in three workers had experienced domestic violence (DV) at some point in their life. Despite these statistics there was minimal evidence found of employers understanding and taking action to assist victims of DV. The purpose of the study was to examine: The awareness of co-worker […]

Managing stress at work

Workplace stress is a major risk factor for anxiety and depression. Most jobs have some degree of stress, and this is often beyond our control – we can’t always set our own workloads and deadlines, or change the workplace culture. However, there are some strategies everyone can adopt to manage and reduce their own stress […]

International Labour Organisation illustrates workplace stress impacts

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) has released a detailed report which illustrates the impact of workplace stress on the mental health and the wellbeing of workers. ILO’s Workplace Stress: A collective challenge report found that psychosocial risks are related to “health-related behavioural risk, including heavy alcohol consumption, overweight, less frequent exercise, increased cigarette smoking, and […]

Managing Mental Health in Your Workplace

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (2007), one in five Australian adults will experience a mental illness in any given year. With common conditions like depression and anxiety becoming more prevalent in the workplace, businesses are being urged to consider how they manage mental health issues amongst their employees. Besides adhering to the legal […]