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Generating website traffic: are all your eggs in one basket?

August 21, 2018

Written by Alyce Mokrzycki, News Xtend

With over 4 billion global users, the internet has become a veritable smorgasbord of possibilities for businesses looking to generate website traffic and find the customers of tomorrow, today.

Reasons for generating website traffic are varied, and should strategically align with a businesses objectives. From showcasing a new product suite, to driving to an educational piece, this part of the consumer journey is all about encouraging a customer to consider your product and/or services to facilitate future conversions.

An effective digital marketing strategy should aim to cut through the noise, put your business in front of the right people and give them a reason to choose you.

Consider Facebook Advertising. As the number one social media platform, a social campaign will help your business access Facebook’s network of over 17 million monthly active users across Australia, increasing your brand’s awareness, driving demand and/or increasing sales.

A business can choose to run a campaign under one of three objectives; Awareness, Consideration or Conversion.

Generating website traffic, or ‘Traffic,’ is a specific ad type that sits within the ‘Consideration’ objective, and mobilises Facebook’s rich behavioural data and precision targeting to ensure ads are served to known ‘clickers,’ optimised towards those most likely to engage with a business.

However, to truly rise above the white noise, Facebook should comprise part of a businesses digital marketing strategy, not dissimilar to the age old adage against putting all your eggs in the one basket.

Display advertising allows a business to visually showcase what makes them unique across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, ensuring a business is put in front of their most valuable customers, wherever or however they live their lives online.

“Display gives unparalleled reach across your target audiences, reaching both existing customers and allowing you to prospect for new customers like no other marketing channel can,” says Boris Leshinsky, Programmatic Lead at News Xtend.

“Effective at all stages of the customer cycle, it can drive new visitors to your site when they first become aware of your brand, engage with them as they consider a purchase and drive them back to your site with retargeting when they are ready to purchase.”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) can be used to ensure your businesses name and information is viewed towards the top of all search engine result pages (SERPs) through the use of sponsored ad sections or considered use of strong search keywords and well executed copy.

“By carefully selecting the right type of keywords you will be able to build a highly targeted audience for your website. Also, paid SEM is a cost-per-click model so you will only pay what you are prepared to bid to get the traffic to your site. It’s highly transparent and a great way to increase traffic and leads to your website,” says Todd Fisher, SEM Lead at News Xtend.

However, all the digital marketing bells and whistles will be for naught if your website isn’t ready to play ball.

After all, your website is your online showroom and should be ready to showcase your services at any time of the day, or night. “Think about your website as a digital shopfront. It should showcase your products, services and unique selling point in the same way your physical store or a salesperson would,” says Lauren Moloney, Head of Digital Business Development at News Xtend. 

“Your customer experience with your website should be friction-less. What would you like your customers to do once they arrive on your website? Make sure the layout and functionality guides them towards your end goal.”

To find out how News Xtend can help drive more traffic to your site, contact News Xtend today on 1300 935 848 or newsxtend.com.au/nra-partnership


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