Membership with the National Retail Association not only saves you money and time – you become part of the most powerful national voice in the Australian retail industry.

Your membership will allow you to access a full suite of practical services including employment, industrial relations and HR advice, retail training and courses, industry advocacy and committees, member discounts, resources and more.


Our memberships are structured on a tiered basis, depending upon company size and starting from $494 plus GST per annum for businesses employing up to 5 staff members. We understand that your workforce will likely include casuals to meet the changing needs of your business and we take this into account when calculating the applicable membership fee, counting two casuals as one employee.

We understand that business owners and managers deal with a wide range of expenses on a daily basis – some large and some small, but each one impacting on your bottom line.  No doubt you often stop to reflect on the worth of each overhead to your ultimate performance.  You can rest assured that an investment in NRA membership can save you thousands in the running of your business.


Providing employment law and industrial relations advice via our toll free hotline

Toll-free 1800 hotline
Members of the NRA receive unlimited* free telephone advice on employment law and industrial relations issues, including current pay rates, trading hours, performance management, Award terms and conditions of employment.  We can also provide advice regarding Australian Consumer Law and assist in the preparation of documents such as workplace policies and employment contracts. 

Our service is tailored to suit your business needs – whether you require assistance with the practical day to day issues surrounding the employment of your staff or high level advice that is protected by legal professional privilege. We are able to service your businesses needs in relation to industrial relations, work health and safety and workers’ compensation.   Our lawyers collectively possess decades of experience and are proficient in managing any claim or legal issue which might arise within your workplace.

Migration advice and services

NRA members also receive exclusive access to industry specific migration advice and services from our Registered Migration Agent (RMA).

With a passion for helping businesses and individuals throughout the migration process, our RMA has a unique local background across HR, IR and migration. 

This experience provides valuable insight and expertise to enable us to directly assist our members with their migration requirements.

*Please note that certain Members may have special membership arrangements where this may not apply.

Making tenancy and leasing easy

Saving time, money and stress on tenancy and leasing

It is important to seek guidance early when you are entering into a new lease or renewing an existing one. Our tenancy and leasing partner The Leasing Department can assist you with this process.

The Leasing Department provides NRA members with an initial 15 – 20 minute complementary consult to discuss issues and questions relating to your retail lease. Following this initial contact, members may choose to formally engage The Leasing Department to act on their behalf.

To achieve the optimum outcome for your business, we recommend contacting The Leasing Department before negotiating any terms on a lease and for lease renewals, starting the process 12 – 18 months before the existing lease is due to expire.

In addition to assisting with negotiating new leases and renewals, The Leasing Department can also assist with:

  • Finding new sites
  • Market rent reviews
  • Disputes between the landlord and tenant
  • Mid-term lease (re)negotiations
  • Lease performance analysis
  • Lease surrenders and assignments.

Find out more about The Leasing Department and how they can assist you.

Helping you pay less

NRA members receive reduced rates for fee-for-service matters, including representation in tribunals, courts and commissions across all your industrial relations needs, including defending unfair dismissal applications, general protections claims, discrimination and sexual harassment, industrial disputes, breach of contract, work health and safety, workplace investigations and workers compensation.

Learn more while connecting you to the industry

Business owners, in-house counsel and HR practitioners have complex and demanding roles.

Connecting with peers while learning can help you balance the pressures and responsibilities.

NRA regularly offer a wide and accessible range of practical workplace training workshops across Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. We also offer online training for those unable to attend physically. Members receive significant discounts on all workshop prices.

Throughout the year we also hold seminars, roundtables, committees and other information sessions to ensure NRA members remain up to date with the latest legal requirements and operational challenges for the industry.  Some of these attract a fee to cover the costs of delivering them, but where possible these services are offered free to members.  To find out more about what events are coming up, visit our events page.

Ensuring your staff are skilled with our tailored and accredited training programs

Through NRA’s Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we can assist you in obtaining skilled staff or provide training and development for existing staff. With a range of tailorable courses available, including the delivery of traineeships, corporate and management courses and visual merchandising and selling courses, we are able to assist you with all of your training needs.  We do this through general course offerings, or specific in-store training at the request of members. 

Giving you a voice

We represent your interests when legislative decisions affecting your business are being made. We are continually listening to the views and concerns of the retail and services sector to ensure they are represented through submissions to governments, the media and the broader community.

Providing instant access to online resources and business solutions via our Member’s Portal

Our members have anytime access to our ‘members only’ online portal. With instant access to information, templates, fact sheets and business solutions you can easily ensure your business is compliant with current legislation.